Tom Ferris Mechanical Manager

Tom Ferris, Operations Manager - Construction, Maintenance and Services

Responsible for all mechanical supervisors and tradespeople, Tom keeps himself busy at Turnkey Industrial Engineering by keeping track of all jobs and making sure they’re running as they should be.

“Mostly, my days are all about keeping ahead of the jobs that are happening – what is required for them, what’s happening on them and their progress.

I look at future jobs and their planning, too. My job also involves looking at safety and working with SWMS (Safe Work Method Statements).”

Tom finds that his role as Mechanical Manager requires complete focus, which is also due to the fact that it is ever changing.

“It’s always a challenge. Everything changes so I have to be totally involved all the time, trying to keep ahead of it. But that’s what I, and everyone else at Turnkey, likes. It keeps us on our toes.”

The move to Sydney and Turnkey was quite a mission for Tom. Moving his family of six from 2,500 acres to five was hard. But he hasn’t turned completely turned his back on his former life: “I still have stock horses and cows. That sort of lifestyle keeps me sane.”

For Tom, Turnkey is an engineering juggernaut for good reason. “We will do anything. We will take on anything. We will improve ourselves to make sure it’s a success. We’ll find personnel and add equipment that is required. Yes is always the first answer [for Turnkey].”

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