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Springdale Water Transfer Scheme with Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure

Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure is a leading civil engineering contractor in Australia and New Zealand that routinely takes on difficult projects…

…projects that most other engineering contractors and subcontractors just aren’t agile or adaptable enough to complete.

For this reason, Abergeldie values the rare skills of adaptability and professionalism from subcontractors such as Turnkey Industrial Engineering above all else. This was the major reason that in 2017 Abergeldie handed Turnkey the largest subcontractor contract it had ever awarded in its 25 years of operation, despite the fact they had never worked with Turnkey before.

“We first started talking to Turnkey Industrial Engineering about joining the project because they had the experience and professional problem-solving skills required for the job, and most of all could provide the extremely agile and adaptable workforce we desperately needed.” Explains Abergeldie Project Manager, Angela Andrews.

Angela knew the team at Turnkey was adaptable, but with some significant challenges just around the corner that would cause the entire project contract to literally double she would find out just how adaptable they really were.

Turnkey - Landmark Project

A company agile and adaptable enough to handle the complexities of this landmark project

Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure was engaged for the construction of a 14.8km Water Transfer Scheme from Springdale Mine together with a new Water Treatment Facility at Mt Piper Power Station to treat up to 48ML per day of water produced from mining operations for use in the power station.

The complexities of the project included installing over 240 kilometers of LV electrical cable along with a major portion of the mechanical support infrastructure, as well as a complex reverse osmosis system that had never before been attempted in Australia.

“For the electrical contract, we needed to partner with a company big enough to handle the complexities of the project under some very tight deadlines. We needed professional problem solvers.”

These particular skills gave Turnkey Industrial Engineering an advantage over the competition when tackling the challenges of the contract.

“We awarded the job to Turnkey because we needed the most professional and autonomous solution we could find and a company that knew how to get difficult jobs done. Turnkey Industrial Engineering had a reputation in the industry for being both supremely professional…

…as well as being exceptional problem solvers.”

Turnkey - Success with Processes

The right attitude to achieve success with processes attempted for the first time in Australia

The project represented an enormous undertaking that included processes that were being attempted for the first time in Australia, including a complicated reverse osmosis desalination system.

In addition, this landmark project had the significant challenge of the groundwork commencing before the design had actually been completed.

This type of hurdle could completely derail a project for less experienced contractors. But for Turnkey Industrial Engineering it just provided an opportunity to further reinforce their reputation as the go-to engineering workforce in Australia.

“It was an extremely exciting – but complex – project to be involved in,” recalls Turnkey Industrial Engineering General Manager Michael Chalak

“Due to the tight nature of the deadlines, we had to begin work on our portion of the project while aspects of the design were still being finalized. This made the project a real challenge for us, but we pride ourselves on being flexible, accountable and adaptable… so our team had the right attitude from day one to achieve success.”

Turnkey - Electrical Work

Seamless delivery of electrical work even when the contract doubled in size

When Turnkey Industrial Engineering was initially engaged in the project it was for a sizable $10 million subcontract.

Typically projects for Abergeldie had a total award value of in the $10 million range, so for a Turnkey’s portion of the electrical work to be of this size puts the enormity of the project into perspective.

Turnkey was responsible for the seamless delivery of electrical works on a site that just continued to grow and grow. Angela recalls, however, that as the design aspects were being finalized it quickly became apparent that this was just the tip of the iceberg. The final contract for Turnkey ended up being worth closer to $20 million, doubling the original expectation.

“It’s just unfathomable the amount of work that Turnkey performed in a small space of time.” Says Angela…

“The design was something that continued to grow as time went on which normally would be a problem for any electrical engineering team… but Turnkey went above and beyond to get everything done.”

“It is very unusual for a contract to grow like that in my experience,” says Angela…

“I’ve never seen that before to be honest. Contract jumps of around 25% to 30% are fairly common, but a 100% jump is extremely rare. The Turnkey team handled it easily. I never had a single problem with them and never had to babysit any of them on site.

…Even with all the changes they just managed it in a professional manner… And that was exactly what I needed!”

Turnkey’s adaptable workforce of electrical engineers had the experience to meet every challenge

Graham Whiticker – Turnkey Electrical Manager – and the team at Turnkey called on all their experience – as well as every resource they had available – to get enough boots on the ground in a very short period of time.

“It didn’t really matter that the job grew in size,” explains Graham…

“While there needed to be some very quick thinking and organization on our part we knew we had the expert team of engineers at our disposal to allocate to the project. We had the experience to manage these kinds of problems… it’s all part of the service we provide.”

And despite all the changes and additional engineers on-site in a very short period of time the standard of work never waivered. Turnkey was able to insert more engineers and manage a larger team without losing any quality of work.

This particular point truly blew Angela away.

“They ran their jobs like a well-oiled machine.” Says Angela…

“And in the end, they completed their portion of work exactly in the time they said they would, which was an unbelievable result.”

The Turnkey team of electrical engineers really did save the day through their professionalism, experience, and their ability to be agile and adaptable in finding solutions… fast!

A process driven problem solving approach

Turnkey Industrial Engineering provides a process-driven, problem-solving approach to every project, regardless of size… just like they did for Abergeldie at the Springdale Mount Piper Power Station and Water Treatment Plant project.

Turnkey provides complete electrical, mechanical, automation and industrial engineering services spanning design, plant construction, maintenance, and relocation.

In short, if you have an engineering problem… Turnkey Industrial Engineering has the solution.

Contact Turnkey Industrial Engineering for excellence in full-suite electrical, mechanical and automation services.

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