20 years of achieving engineering efficiency through a proven 6 step process

6 step process

Over the past 20 years Turnkey Industrial Engineering has built a reputation for delivering innovative and efficient engineering solutions… and like any road to prolonged success, the devil lies in the details.

For Turnkey Industrial Engineering these details – and the core to their efficient engineering solutions – can largely be attributed to their 6 step process.

This process is present in every project that Turnkey Industrial Engineering are involved in – whether it’s an enormous project such as the Springdale Water Transfer Scheme that was completed in 2017 for Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure, or maintenance through regular Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM) for a variety of businesses and industries.

Their six step process applies to all manner of engineering services including electrical, mechanical, industrial and automation. Turnkey Industrial Engineering General Manager Michael Chalak explains…

“Turnkey uses the same six-step process to guarantee enhanced efficiency no matter what the industry. These six steps apply to major hundred million dollar projects and small to medium sized businesses alike.”

Here is the Turnkey six-step process to actioning well thought out and practical engineering solutions.

1. Scope

Turnkey Industrial Engineering provides thorough analysis of your project and the task at hand. A crucial part of this process is determining the key project goals and how they will be delivered.

The process begins with a comprehensive site inspection and evaluation to gain a clear understanding of your current systems and future requirements.

Once a comprehensive electromechanical assessment has been completed our team are then able to outline the issues, designing a planned solution complete with tasks, delivery timelines and an associated budget.

2. Plan

Turnkey engineers create a plan specifically tailored to your project after the concept has been completed and agreed upon, as well as incorporating a milestone based achievement plan for accurate project management.

This detailed solution includes a full risk assessment to ensure an optimum, yet safe and compliant project, including the management of AS 4801 scheduling.

HSEQ Advisor for Turnkey Industrial Engineering – Sherif Hussein – explains how risk management plays a key role in the planning stage.

“At Turnkey risk management starts at the very early stages of the projects, when we gather all information, consult with stakeholders and employ our team’s experience and skills to identify all associated risks.”

“We then ensure that safety controls are assigned and measured in addition to simply testing for project effectiveness.”

Detailed plans include a full asset maintenance schedule and forecast for optimum profitability as well as clear expectations of maintenance costs moving forward.

3. Design

Turnkey Industrial Engineering has become a leader in the industrial engineering sector through the use of design and drafting as a flexible tool to create functional solutions.

Typically Turnkey customers include resource extraction plants, manufacturing plants and water treatment facilities as well as steel mills.

Comprehensive design and drafting involves a series of steps to devise the correct schematics for erection procedures, construction methods and full safety and compliance guidelines.

The capability of the design and drafting aspect of Turnkey’s expertise includes CAD drafting as well as 3D design and drafting, lifting, confined space and rescue plans… all potentially utilised to finalise the perfect bespoke solution to a client’s problem.

4. Commission

Turnkey Industrial Engineering expert engineers completely manage every aspect of your site with the highest industry standards.

Once an engineer or technician has been assigned to your project they will be responsible for managing maintenance schedules, ensuring key deliverables are met in accordance with agreed timelines, and adherence to industry standards for safety, achieving full compliance for your project.

Turnkey guarantees quality outcomes and on-time completion through clear in-house communication between professional engineers / technicians and state-of-the-art technology, creating an all encompassing team dedicated to your site.

5. Evaluate

Full evaluations are periodically completed by our engineers before, during and after installation. These evaluations determine the key project goals, systems and requirements outlined during the scope part of the process are being met and delivered.

To achieve the highest possible level of quality and safety Turnkey Industrial Engineering ensures that an engineer continues the evaluation process periodically well after completion. Having this physical presence on site is a crucial process that needs to be adhered to for several reasons.

“Turnkey supervisors and managers carry out site visits for customers on a regular basis.” Says Grant Codd – Services and Shutdown Manager at Turnkey Industrial Engineering…

“Our goal is to monitor and check previous jobs as well as upcoming works. Additionally we ensure a strong customer relationship is in place to further understand the clients needs and help them with all required engineering support.”

This commitment to quality through ongoing evaluation is a large part of Turnkey’s ability to achieve high levels of efficiency on a regular basis.

6. Adapt

The key to ongoing electrical, mechanical, automation and industrial efficiency is the ability to monitor effectiveness and make adjustments where necessary.

The ability to institute agile processes, workforces and designs where necessary is the only way to truly provide complete engineering solutions through changing environments. This is is why Turnkey Industrial Engineering complete their six step process by testing, adapting and making the adjustments where necessary.

This ability to immediately adapt has been evident in some of Turnkey’s largest projects, including the Springdale Water Transfer Scheme.

“To achieve success in that project we had to be extremely adaptable with our workforce.” Say’s General Manager Michael Chalak…

“This included providing a far larger workforce that was initially accounted for in the planning stage due to the changing nature of the project.”

“Some projects just demand that of our team and we are always willing to meet that challenge.”

This proven six step process has seen Turnkey Industrial Engineering and their industry leading engineers design, build and maintain complete industrial engineering solutions for clients across almost every sector imaginable.

A truly full-suite solution based company with a history of delivering electrical, mechanical, industrial and automation engineering based projects… Turnkey provide complete and all-encompassing engineering solutions.

If you have a problem… Turnkey Industrial Engineering has the process to solve it with.

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