TG Mitch Davidson

Mitch Davidson, Workshop Manager and Supervisor

For Mitch, there is no such thing as a typical work day. His role as Workshop Manager and Supervisor is fluid and challenging. Today, he could be ordering materials and doing installation works while tomorrow could be all about a site measure-up and build. It differs every single day – and he likes it that way.

“No days are ever the same at Turnkey – we get a lot of variety.”

A constant for the Workshop Manager and Supervisor is project management and providing support and coordination management for Turnkey’s trade staff.

Mitch has over a decade of experience in the industry. He enjoys working with Turnkey for many reasons and considers them “a breath of fresh air” when compared to the other companies he’s worked for in the past.

“The trade team is awesome. The entire team, really. Turnkey has a team-based culture which I think we all enjoy and appreciate. Everyone is supportive and hands on, including management. The bosses are very hands-on with assisting everyone.”

When Mitch isn’t at work, it’s all about his two kids. “…fun is always on the agenda with them.”

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