Michael Chalak, General Manager

Michael’s day often starts with a double espresso at 6am. It’s his fuel for the busy day ahead. As General Manager, Michael oversees all facets of Turnkey Industrial Engineering, from procedure and policy to business development and sustainability.

Making sure that all teams and departments are communicating smoothly and working cohesively is essential for Turnkey. For Michael, a harmonious workplace is a successful one.

“I ensure all segments of the business are working to the right capacity. As a business, we always make sure communication is smooth and all the various sections and departments of Turnkey work cohesively to deliver the strategy of the stakeholders. Making sure all departments are communicating and working together towards business sustainability is a big part of my job.”

Michael is both passionate and diligent when it comes to safety and the environment,

“My number one priority is to make sure Turnkey maintains safety and environmental policies in line with state and federal legislations as well as other bodies. Maintaining standards and developing a safety culture and safety system to comply with our clients are also key. One of Turnkey’s differentiating qualities is our complete compliance to global standards. It’s about making sure our quality and management systems are kept up to date and maintained.”

Michael conducts regular meetings, department checks and site visits to ensure smooth sailing at Turnkey Engineering and beyond. He also carries out a schedule of what he calls “critical control checks” – biweekly project site visits to ensure all is safe and environmentally sound.

He works with staff across the board to diversify the business and ensure the end-goal of business development, growth and sustainability through strategy and planning. Clearly, time management is crucial. But no matter how busy he gets, Michael pushes on. His driving force lies “…in the challenge. I like to lead and develop people. Seeing change drives me.”

Michael also works on risk mitigation when it comes to making decisions within the business. “I look at the fundamentals and the structure – the implications. I’m always planning ahead.”

Michael’s vision for Turnkey’s future is simple – “I want Turnkey Industrial Engineering to be the go-to company when it comes to engineering. The vision is to be premium. From concept to design, I want Turnkey to represent the pinnacle of safety and quality. And I want Turnkey to become a partner to our clients, not just a ‘passer-by’, so to speak.”

With a 35+ year background in electrical engineering and working stints in places such as Bahrain, Dubai and Italy, Michael is truly passionate about the engineering industry. On his days off, he builds on his passion for professional development by attending exhibits and summits.

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