Why Maintenance is a Crucial Part of Asset Life Cycle Management

Turnkey Industrial Engineering deliver outstanding engineering solutions.

One of these solutions includes Asset Lifecycle Management, of which maintenance plays a crucial role.

“Investing in a scheduled maintenance program, rather than living with the consequences of not investing in failure prevention is a primary concern for many Australian businesses today.” – Turnkey Industrial Engineering General Manager Michael Chalak

Successful scheduled maintenance programs can make the difference as to whether or not a company manages to retain its long-term competitiveness and cost-of-ownership.

Asset Lifecycle Management (or ALM) is the practice of optimizing the performance of equipment through thorough planning, execution and ongoing management throughout all phases of the equipment’s life cycle.

The regular maintenance of these assets forms the backbone of any good ALM strategy. Some of the benefits of maintaining a regular maintenance schedule are quite obvious, including prolonging the lifespan and productivity of key machinery in your business.

Others are less obvious, from reducing asset downtime to prompting upgrades that may increase productivity even further.

“Successful scheduled maintenance programs can make the difference as to whether or not a company manages to retain its long-term competitiveness and cost-of-ownership.” Says Michael.

No matter what your business does it’s paramount that the assets that drive it are created and chosen with thorough planning, clear maintenance schedules are in place, these schedules are religiously adhered too, and you have an emergency protocol in place incase the unthinkable happens.

Engineering A Better Tomorrow

Engineering a better tomorrow for your business and your asset

ALM is a fully integrated perspective that incorporates the entire life cycle of your assets right from the initial planning stage. It protects your assets as time goes on and engineering requirements become increasingly complex, while financial constraints may simultaneously tighten to maximise returns.

Turnkey Industrial Engineering take into account the requirements of your asset needs not just for tomorrow but well into the future.

Typically this would include the core function that needs to be delivered, as well as any potential new projects or functions the asset may be required to perform down the track.

As a result, scheduled maintenance plays a preventative and pivotal role not just for your asset but for your business as a whole.

“Schedule Maintenance is an essential part of the plant asset management strategy.” Says Michael…

“For Asset Intensive industries such as utilities, pulp & paper, food and construction industries, scheduled maintenance increases the lifespan of the plant and ensures the lowest possible cost of ownership.”

Accurate Planning

More accurate planning for future productivity

Through careful planning and examination Turnkey Industrial Engineering begin with the end in mind, designing for asset life cycle management. We do this by guaranteeing integration between all project phases and rapid movement from design to performance at full operational capacity.

Our ALM always begins at the original conceptual design stage before construction occurs with full long-term maintenance schedules devised before installation.

And then, as time goes on and new data becomes available, we revise and update these maintenance schedules.

Once your assets have been installed these long-term maintenance schedules will minimise downtime in the future while simultaneously maximising the efficiency level of your asset.

The outcomes of the maintenance schedule can often be as simple as understanding the assets current condition and performance which allows more accurate planning for future productivity and allocation of assignments.

Or in more extreme cases they can prevent a potential breakdown from either a mechanical or software perspective – saving countless hours of lost productivity while issues are being investigated and then remedied.

In short, age old thinking of “If it ain’t broke…” may be immediately detrimental to your equipment.

Regular Maintenance

Increasing the lifespan of your assets as they age

This will appear as an obvious statement, but as your assets grow in age adhering to regular maintenance schedules increases their productivity and life span.

Regular maintenance can help to identify any future mechanical or operational areas of the asset that require updating, maintaining performance by the most cost effective means necessary.

In addition regular upgrades and minor modifications may be required in the future to ensure the asset remains in line with its core function, adapting to new functions where required.

The maintenance schedules are also designed so that assets not only maintain a certain level of productivity but potentially allow for technological advancements that increase their functionality at a faster rate, improve the quality of its output and keep their integrity from a safety standpoint.

Ongoing Service

Our ongoing service also includes emergency and breakdown support

Regular maintenance and servicing of your asset dramatically reduces the chances of machinery failing or being less than optimal in production.

Prevention is always the best cure.

But in the unfortunate event that your equipment does break down Turnkey Industrial Engineering provides a fast response service to keep your site and asset operational.

We have the ability to fabricate electrical and mechanical components in our Sydney workshop – quickly and on demand — and we simultaneously develop long-term engineering plans for future requirements.

If You Have An Engineering Problem

If you have an engineering problem...

… we have the solution. We deliver complete and compliant industrial engineering excellence.

And with preventative maintenance and emergency support, we help you stay in control of your business at every stage.

Regular maintenance allows you to incorporate asset management into your company’s daily / weekly / monthly routines, achieving optimum performance and full asset potential.

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