TG Jey Jeyasothy

Jey Jeyasothy, Operations Controller / CFO

Jey represents the financial side of Turnkey Industrial Engineering. As Operations Controller / CFO, Jey ensures finances and related issues are successfully maintained and managed.

Putting it simply, Jey “makes sure everyone is paid,” but he also manages the tax flow of the company, compiles extensive reports and makes sure financial compliance standards are met in terms of statutory requirements, GST, income tax, workers’ compensation and more. It’s a demanding role that he does well.

Jey has completed his Bachelor of Commerce and is both FEMA and CPA Australia qualified. He also has experience working with global IPO trend reports. After working in Sri Lanka and the U.K., he made his way to Australia where he has been for the last 22+ years.

Working for Turnkey is a total dedication for Jey. He has seen the company go through a process of change and is excited to see more change and growth in the market, while still retaining the solid reputation that Turnkey Engineering hold in the industry.

“We won the AIPM National Project Management Award [2018] in the Construction/Engineering category. It was a great achievement and a true testament to Turnkey’s reputation in the industry. It really shows our potential…”

It’s working towards a bigger and brighter future that Jey really enjoys about his place in the Turnkey team,

“There are many things happening in the background – a lot of changes within the culture of the business and some restructuring. Turnkey has a lot of potential and it’s great working towards this big growth as a team. We have the right tools and the right people for it…”

Jey rates his job satisfaction as high, but when he isn’t at work juggling numbers, he’s travelling with his family. “I love to travel. It’s absolutely a passion of mine.”

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