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Graham Whiticker - Project Manager

“Communication is the basis on how I operate. You’ve got to have good communication. It just makes the job that much easier when the whole team can benefit from the knowledge and experience that I have accumulated over the years.”

With an extensive history in the Electrical Engineering industry beginning in 1982, Graham has more years of experience than some other engineers have been alive. Joining the Turnkey Industrial Engineering family seven years ago Graham continues to share his extensive array of skills whether it be as a project manager, project coordinator, an estimator or in electrical maintenance.

Under his title as the Electrical Manager at Turnkey Industrial Engineering, Graham plays a pivotal and diverse role.

At a high level Graham assists in developing the tender process for some of the larger projects at the company, working across different departments to ensure the right outcomes can be achieved for clients.

More than just that, however, a large part of what Graham does is serving as a mentor for the rest of the team which includes seven project managers, twenty-three electricians, and eleven apprentices.

“Because of my experience in the field, I can bring a lot of value to the rest of the team by filling in the gaps when I see them appear. Being able to oversee a team like that and ensure different departments work together really is invaluable, and helps determine practical steps for accurate completion of projects.”

Graham also enjoys being heavily involved with the apprentices. Part of Turnkey Industrial Engineering’s philosophy is finding the right people with the right mindset that they can up-skill into the right roles for them.

“If you enjoy your job then you’ll you enjoy going to work every day, and the client is the one that benefits from that mindset.”

When not managing the team or working hard for the company (which is almost never!) Graham enjoys the simple life, spending time with his family and more recently his grandchildren.

“I enjoy going on a nice holiday with my wife from time to time, and I enjoy a bit of fishing when I can get it in. We’ve got a van down the south coast and we spend a bit of time down there when the weather’s right.”

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