Turnkey Industrial Engineering is unique among mechanical and electrical engineering companies with our genuine multidisciplinary expertise, skilled and agile team… and tailored fabrication. We maintain our leading edge with regular skills upgrades for our team so that every team member remains at the forefront of technological advances… and leading engineering solutions.

Total capability

With end to end capability, we can design, draft and build industrial engineering solutions for enduring performance.

Our clients include manufacturing and industrial plants, water treatment facilities, steel mills and resource extraction plants. We project manage every stage from concept to conclusion.

And we have the expertise and facilities for tailored fabrication for any sized project… so you can have new or replacement components quickly and efficiently.

Longstanding Experience

Agile and expert solutions

With longstanding experience in electrical, mechanical, automation and industrial engineering, we are the experts in industrial construction, procurement and maintenance. And as part of our one-stop project service, we fabricate structural steel solutions for common – and uncommon – requirements.

Turnkey Industrial Engineering has the tools and resources to deliver world-class welding, plumbing, electrical and mechanical solutions.

First-class facilities for flexible delivery

Our fabrication workshop is conveniently located in Sydney.  We produce agile and fully customised solutions for any industrial engineering challenge. And we have the expertise on hand for fast-response fabrication for emergency breakdowns.

We excel at metal and steel fabrication for diverse applications. We work with a wide range of metals and materials and can fabricate steel products, structural columns and other customised parts

Our steel alloys exceed client expectations in all aspects, including compression strength, tensile strength, flexibility and resistance to fire and corrosion. And our extensive product portfolio includes:

  • Merchant bars – round, flat, square or angular
  • Tubular – pipes, RHS, SHS tubes
  • Parallel flange channels
  • Universal beams
  • Universal columns
  • Welded beams and columns
  • Galvanised lintels
  • Structural assembly bolts

If you have an engineering problem...

…we have the solution. Turnkey Industrial Engineering services clients around the clock and around the country. We’re a one stop shop for industrial engineering… and exceptional tailored fabrication. Contact us today.

Turnkey Engineering

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Turnkey Industrial Engineering is your one stop engineering solution for complete, compliant and consistent engineering solutions. Contact us today for innovation and excellence in full-suite electrical, mechanical and automation engineering.

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