Turnkey Industrial Engineering is a lifecycle engineering company with an expansive team of mechanical, electrical, automation, chemical and industrial engineers. And with decades of experience, we are a leader in design and drafting for clients in the engineering and construction sectors.

Quality guarantee

Our comprehensive design and drafting incorporates end to end instruction including erection procedures, construction methods and full safety and compliance guidelines. To guarantee consistent quality, we also carry out extensive screening and feasibility studies for every new project.

Turnkey Industrial Engineering solves complex engineering challenges with innovative solutions and leading expertise… so our clients always have the competitive edge.

Advanced tools and expertise

Our engineers and project managers use state-of-the-art technology and proven techniques to produce efficient and innovative plans for industrial facilities of all kinds.

Our customers include manufacturing plants, water treatment facilities, steel mills and resource extraction plants.

Our capability includes CAD drafting, 3D design and drafting. Our expert engineers consider every requirement including lifting plans, confined space plans and rescue plans.

And we create all designs in consultation with your team… and with a view to asset lifecycle maintenance.

Lifecycle planning

Turnkey Industrial Engineering has extensive expertise – and flexible, end to end project management. And thanks to our unique position as a full suite engineering contractor, we also design and draft for ease of use from launch through asset lifecycle.

By handling the entire asset lifecycle, we guarantee compatibility between project phases and rapid movement from design to performance at full operational capacity.

We anticipate future needs including new projects and the upgrade of obsolete technologies by designing and building solutions that are modular, extendible and compatible with cutting edge technological trends. We are also experts at commercialising new technologies… for superior client outcomes.

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