Turneky Daniel Leon

Daniel Leon, Junior Mechanical Engineer

Starting as a Mechanical Intern, the now Junior Mechanical Engineer helps to manage a number of Turnkey’s mechanical projects.

Daniel takes care of the processes involved in the fabrication of structures and both the installation and relocation of machinery.

By ensuring work and safety methodologies, he also helps to ensure that all deadlines and hit and projects are running on schedule.

With both and a bachelors and a masters degree from his home country of Venezuela and from UTS respectively, it is clear that Daniel has a true passion for the industry.

After a stint in Columbia, Daniel won himself a working scholarship to Australia where he discovered Turnkey,

“I came across Turnkey’s website and liked their work. The company was very appealing to me, so I decided to apply for the position as a Mechanical Intern.”

Daniel’s driving force is the ever changing landscape of the job, “…each and every job presents different challenges. Our procedure, thinking and approach depends on the job and the client. It definitely keeps things interesting.”

When he’s not elbow-deep in his work, Daniel enjoys keeping fit with Crossfit and a nice hike through the Blue Mountains and the Royal National Park.

Contact Number: 0404 123 296

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