The advantages of a total industrial engineering solution

Industrial Engineering Solution

Having 20 years of engineering industry experience can give you a lot of perspective.

As does growing from just one electrician to a large team of over 120 qualified engineers, construction trades people, project managers and skilled automation experts over the same period of time.

This proudly Australian owned success story has both. Armed with a new, focused website, recently appointed General Manager Michael Chalak believes this is just the beginning.

“We are a multidisciplinary engineering company with the ability to take a project from initial conceptual study and preliminary design through to installation and handover.”

Put simply, Turnkey Industrial Engineering is your one-stop industrial engineering solution.

But if you look a little deeper, you’ll see a company with one eye on the lookout for tomorrow and the other firmly focused on a safer today.

Would you rather a project manager, or a project management company?

What are the real advantages of offering a full suite of engineering services under one roof?

Wouldn’t it just be easier to split your process, mechanical, electrical and automation engineering needs across multiple service providers? Recently appointed General Manager for Turnkey Industrial Engineering Michael Chalak believes otherwise.

“If the client has to outsource the project out to multiple suppliers there will be no consistency in the quality, in the safety, in the project reporting or project monitoring,” explains Michael.

“So, having one company, one team, deliver all of that creates a lot of saving when it comes to safety, when it comes to project management and when it comes to the communication. The client has just one party to communicate with, so that makes it a hell of a lot easier and cheaper.”

Future Proofing You Investment

Future proofing your investment

Safety is a key word at Turnkey Industrial Engineering. It resonates through every project and is paramount through every step of every process. Logging 100,000 safe work hours on the Springvale Water Treatment Plant for Abergeldie is a recent example.

Using one team from start to finish also brings an element of safety when considering the lifespan of the project years after the deliverables have been signed off.

“If a client wants to upgrade in the future, or replace their equipment, or improve the productivity or improve the safety, we’ve got all the blueprints so we can immediately see the changes, do the upgrade, do the design etc. It doesn’t have to go to three or four different people,” says Michael.

Having the right team in place from the outset can future proof your investment, and what better way to do that than keeping it in house with not just one team, but a team that is continually striving to bring our clients the cutting edge technology that’ll save them time and money in the long run.

Mechanical, Electrical and Auto-Now!

Michael Chalak recently became Turnkey Industrial Engineering’s new General Manager and brings more than 35 years of engineering experience to the role.

Having worked literally all over the world, Michael understands the fast moving beast that is technology and how it can shape the industry from one day to the next.

“Automation is not a new area in engineering, but it’s definitely an area that is seeing a lot of changes day by day,” says Michael.

“So, Turnkey is investing in three automation engineers and recruiting specialised automation technicians so they can go to the field with our customers and support them when there’s a breakdown, when there is an upgrade or an installation or modification.

We also do studies for clients to investigate and improve their productivity through automation, with the idea being to introduce automation or robotics at the production line level.”

Turnkey Safety And Quality

Michael is a passionate, high-energy individual, and his vision for Turnkey’s future is simple:

“I want Turnkey Industrial Engineering to be the go-to company when it comes to engineering. The vision is to be premium. From concept to design, I want Turnkey to represent the pinnacle of safety and quality. And I want Turnkey to become a partner to our clients, not just a ‘passer-by’, so to speak.”

With over 20 years of experience, the in-house team at Turnkey Industrial Engineering excels in safe, innovative and efficient solutions to complex challenges. We pride ourselves on our results, and here are just a few of those ongoing success stories.

Who do Turnkey Engineering work with?


Abergeldie is a waste-water recovery plant in Lithgow. Turnkey won the bid to install their motors, pumps, cables and controls for the low voltage components of the plant. They completed the project with a perfect safety record… zero incidents or accidents.

How did we achieve this?

“We had a safety officer permanently on site. We had a full project management team and a construction manager and a project director, so we really didn’t take any shortcuts. We made sure that the project had the full complement of management,” says Michael.

Corinthian Doors

Turnkey worked with Corinthian Doors to modernise their stacking systems. The year-long project focused on increasing their production efficiency and output. Ultimately, this project saved Corinthian Doors money by making their door production quicker and more efficient.


Dematic works with companies to optimise their supply chains. They design, build, implement and support automated system solutions for warehouses, distribution centres and production facilities.

Turnkey completed a large number of projects for them. The largest was a greenfield project where we built a new warehouse. Turnkey installed all the conveyors and automation around them.

“On this occasion we went in with a plan, we executed that plan, and then we moved out. We’ve done quite a number of this style of projects for them,” says Michael.

Safety is always top of the priority list for Turnkey Industrial Engineering. When we meet with any client and talk about an upcoming project, the first consideration is always safety. This is an ongoing communication throughout the project, and in many cases well after the project is completed.

Work with a trusted Australian company that understands your project requirements

Turnkey Industrial Engineering is a privately owned Australian company that began over twenty years ago with one electrician…

Today we’re an industry leader, and we got there by listening to our customers first. This can come in the form of building a specific solution based on a client’s needs and what is already out in the market.

In some instances, this might be creating an affordable Australian made version of an extremely expensive existing design, or a safe and reliable version of a design in the market that isn’t quite right.

These are the benefits of using an all in one engineering solution that is also located right here in Australia.

“When you bring your problem to a company like Turnkey, we are able to assist in the design solution, or iron out any errors in an existing design if it’s something you’re looking to modify,” says Michael…

“We are located right here in Australia, so companies can come in and view the fabrication, check the quality, see the process first hand. And we take the equipment directly to the site and install it ourselves.”

Turnkey Industrial Engineering provides complete and all-encompassing industrial engineering solutions. If you have a problem… we have the solution.

Contact Turnkey Industrial Engineering for excellence in full-suite electrical, mechanical and automation services.

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