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Turnkey Fabrication Produces Reliable Solutions to Tough Problems

We fabricate and deliver steel products that meet our clients’ unique needs completely.

Our fabrication workshop in Smithfield, New South Wales, is a full-service facility that gives us the opportunity to produce highly customized solutions to unique client needs. We can fabricate steel products, structural columns and even the transportation vessels necessary to deliver our products anywhere on the planet. Our workshop has the tools and resources necessary to deliver world-class welding, plumbing, electrical and mechanical solutions, as well as the tradesmen needed to engineer them.Turnkey welders have worked on some of the largest and most prestigious projects in our continent’s industrial sector. We have invested a great deal of time, energy and resources into assuring our clients access to steel fabrication and welding services of the highest caliber.

Rely On Turnkey Structural Steel Solutions

As recognized experts in the field of industrial construction, procurement and maintenance, we fabricate structural steel solutions that draw on our deep background in civil engineering and facility construction. Our fabrication team are equipped to provide clients with:

  1. Merchant Bars – Round, Flat, Square or Angular
  2. Tubular – Pipes, RHS, SHS tubes
  3. Parallel Flange Channels
  4. Universal Beams
  5. Universal Columns
  6. Welded Beams and Columns
  7. Galvanized Lintels
  8. Structural Assembly Bolts

Thanks to our state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, we are ready to take on fabrication challenges large and small. As one of the most reputable steel fabricators in Sydney, NSW, we have extensive experience producing high quality solutions in the industrial and construction sectors. Our steel alloys consistently meet or exceed client expectations on compressive strength, tensile strength, flexibility and resistances to fire and corrosion.

Contact one of our Sydney steel fabrication engineers to enjoy a consultation on the needs of your project and discover how Turnkey can make it a reality. We are always ready to help new clients construct and engineer solutions out of custom fabricated steel.

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