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Emergency and Maintenance Solutions


Turnkey has a long history of providing emergency engineering services to industrial concerns that need access to reliable, high quality maintenance expertise. Our approach offers the fastest and most reliable means of maintaining uninterrupted production while repairing and replacing parts in order to ensure more robust and reliable processes in the future.


When one of our clients calls on us to mitigate an emergency, the first thing we do is assess the situation. If production needs to continue while processes undergo repair, we can design and implement a workaround so that production doesn’t suffer. If there are elements of the production process that can be improved in terms of their reliability, consistency or efficiency, we are qualified to implement these improvements and help our clients avoid future emergencies.


One of the things that makes Turnkey special is our commitment to delivering fast, comprehensive solutions to industrial emergencies. We know how much downtime costs, both in terms of lost material, unmovable product and brand reputation—this is why we put so much energy into designing and implementing emergency solutions quickly. Even when faced with incredible engineering challenges, our team of experts combines the talents of a broad range of disciplines, pulls through and delivers world-class results that are designed to last.


Turnkey Preventative Maintenance Improves Production Value


As a reputable and experienced provider of emergency engineering services, we are equipped to provide preventative maintenance services of the highest caliber. Preventative maintenance is an especially challenging feat from an engineering perspective because of the need to anticipate problems and implement solutions before they occur. Turnkey’s engineering team has the knowledge, resources and experience necessary to develop and integrate these kinds of solutions in our clients’ processes.


Since we’ve spent years tackling some of the most challenging maintenance issues in industries as varied as manufacturing, resource extraction and beverage distilling, we have the tools and multi-disciplinary resources to produce valuable improvements at any point in the asset lifecycle. Contracting Turnkey services ensures the benefits that only whole-of-life engineering service providers can offer—improved production value through cutting-edge engineering maintenance and emergency services industrial clients can rely on.