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24/7 Breakdown Call Out Service

No job is too small, or too large, for our highly skilled call-out team.

You can rely on Turnkey to install new devices, repair existing ones or improve your facility at any time.

Engineering - Arbeiter im Maschinenbau

Successful industrial concerns rely on Turnkey expertise when they need highly responsive call-out service, including breakdown support, on-site installation service and maintenance solutions. Our team is equipped to handle any need a client may have, from minor repairs to major facility-wide maintenance or installation projects. In each case, we make sure the most qualified technicians are sent out to complete the job.Our call-out services can include jobs as simple as laying cables or installing a new industrial component, or they can be complex, large-scale projects such as fixing and improving an entire assembly line while implementing workarounds to ensure that production continues while we solve the problem at hand. In both cases, we make sure our clients’ needs are resolved to the letter and guarantee long-lasting results.

There is no job too large or too small for Turnkey engineers to handle. Some of our call-outs are deeply organized projects that require the coordination of multiple teams to execute, while others are perfectly resolvable with two technicians and one of our equipment vans. Regardless of the specifics and conditions, we are always ready to provide these services at a moment’s notice.

Trust Turnkey for One-Time Call-Out Service

As highly reputable emergency service providers, we offer one-time service contracts—you don’t have to sign a lock-in contract with us to enjoy our expertise.

In many cases, our clients rely on Turnkey as an emergency call-out service provider, putting our top-notch engineers to the task of resolving complex production line issues only once they’ve gotten out of hand. Companies in the industrial sector know that when something goes wrong, Turnkey can be relied upon to produce a fast, viable and efficient solution that minimizes downtime and keeps production moving.

Since we have positioned ourselves to offer flexible and agile resolution of engineering projects, we have become the first-choice call-out engineers for nearly every client we work with. Whether in the field of electrical engineering, automation, welding or plumbing, we offer fast, reliable solutions without the need for lock-in contracts or additional charges.