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Some of the most valuable services that Turnkey has to offer include plant construction, decommissioning and relocation. These are all labor-intensive engineering feats that require a careful, nuanced approach to safely and successfully realizing project goals. Whether constructing industrial facilities from the ground up or decontaminating chemical refineries as part of a decommissioning project, Turnkey provides cost-effective solutions that meet project deadlines and remain comfortably within budget.

When it comes to plant construction, the insight we offer as a whole-of-life engineering contractor allows us to save our clients time, money and resources. Since our scope is that of a full-lifecycle engineering service provider, we are able to integrate design, construction, maintenance and eventual decommissioning aspects into every step of the plant commissioning process.

Turnkey engineers have realized ambitious and innovative construction projects all across the world. In each case, the thorough approach and effective leadership of our project management team is what delivers unparalleled value to our clients. By anticipating issues before they occur and planning for future site improvements or additional requirements during construction, our managers maintain a lifecycle-centric outlook that transcends those of even the largest and most reputable engineering, procurement and construction companies on the global market.

Choose Turnkey for Optimal Project Flexibility

When commissioning new facilities, it is not uncommon for clients to discover new market demands or want to change existing plans to accomodate new technologies. Most companies in our sector respond unfavorably to these kinds of changes, insisting that the original project details be adhered to as close as possible. Turnkey, however, is aware of the fast-paced environment industrial concerns are a part of and is agile enough to accomodate new demands as they occur, even in the middle of the construction process.

We offer the same level of flexibility when decommissioning and relocating industrial facilities. In these instances, effective communication throughout all levels of the process is often the defining factor of project success. Turnkey’s industry-leading IT infrastructure ensures that every member of the project is constantly up-to-date on the demands they need to meet.

Whether your company is planning the development of a manufacturing facility or needs to relocate a natural resource refinery, you can ensure world-class results by delegating the task to Turnkey’s engineers.