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At Turnkey, we put extraordinary emphasis on serving our clients’ needs. In order to generate a more effective partnership between prospective clients and our engineers, we’ve put together a short list of frequently asked questions and their answers:

What Does Turnkey Do?

Turnkey designs, drafts, builds, maintains and decommissions industrial facilities all across the world. We put the best minds in the business to work on developing innovative, efficient strategies for achieving our clients’ industrial needs. We work with our clients and with state actors to see large-scale industrial projects through to their lifecycle completion.

What Experience Does Turnkey Have?

Over three decades, Turnkey has accrued experience in mining, manufacturing, refining, distilling and fabrication, among other industrial sectors. Turnkey has experience commercializing new technologies, using a highly organized approach to develop consistent results when implementing new tools, methods and procedures.

Where Is Turnkey Located?

Turnkey’s headquarters are located in Sydney, Australia. We provide engineering services to various locations including United States, Canada, Singapore and Argentina where our Lithium plant design is operating. Our reach is global, with a service area that includes all seven continents.

What Doesn’t Turnkey Do?

Turnkey offers whole-of-life engineering support, but does not operate the facilities it builds. We have the talent and resources to accomodate engineering, procurement and construction needs on a global scale, maintain the systems we build, and relocate them when necessary—operating them is up to our clients.

Why Choose Turnkey Over Competing Engineering, Procurement and Construction Companies?

Turnkey is the only whole-of-life engineering services provider that combines global reach with a proven track record of delivering robust, innovative solutions on-time and on-budget.

Is Turnkey Dedicated to Environmental Sustainability?

Absolutely. At Turnkey, we are deeply aware of the effects our work has on the environment. For this reason, we go to great lengths to find ways to produce industrial benefits for our clients while reducing the environmental impact of their facilities. This can be seen in our Lithium mining project, which combines better, more efficient performance with a vastly improved environmental footprint at lower capital costs than current standard methods.

How Does Turnkey Address Worksite Safety?

Our project managers adopt a challenging, but powerful truth when dealing with worksite safety: Every worksite incident and occupational injury is preventable. Through the careful delegation of authority and by empowering every individual on a team to stop work when met with unsafe conditions, we achieve remarkable safety performance for our sector.

Is Turnkey Equipped to Take On Projects In Development?

Yes! Turnkey has the knowledge, experience and equipment to produce high quality solutions for our customers at any point in the asset lifecyle. The earlier we get involved in a project’s development cycle, the more influence we can have on the project’s result.

Does Turnkey Employ Experts in My Field?

Turnkey employs a multi-disciplined team of more than 150 engineers, project managers and automation experts. Our workforce is fully equipped to handle complex projects in fields as varied as manufacturing, resource extraction, industrial-scale beverage brewing and more.