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Plant Design, Construction and Relocation

Turnkey’s transformation into a tier-one engineering construction and service company hinges on our unified approach to facility lifecycle engineering. By offering whole-of-life engineering services, we commit to see our projects through from the initial proposal to the very end of the plant’s period of profitability, taking care of design, construction, engineering, maintenance and relocation along the way.


The key to providing value with this approach is through optimization and integration. Turnkey uses innovative approaches and technologies to integrate and unify the various phases of the facility lifecycle. Our clients achieve much better results because there is a single point of contact for any concerns along the way, and Turnkey can generate more efficient results by anticipating and preparing for client needs from the very beginning.



Our integrated approach to plant design, construction and relocation saves time, money and resources on our clients’ behalf by planning for and mitigating contingencies early on. When we take on a project of this kind, we can plan for both design and construction nearly simultaneously, examining alternatives desirable from both perspectives and reviewing the constructability of these proposals in real-time. Furthermore, we can assess the need for eventual plant relocation and incorporate engineering solutions that reduce the expense of such a process from the very beginning.


This is vastly preferable to hiring different engineers for each phase of the asset lifecycle—every time a new team approaches the project, they will bring inevitable conflicts of perspective and new expectations with them. Our value proposition is also superior to those of other established engineering, procurement and construction companies for the same reason; our whole-of-life approach offers a vertically integrated solution to meeting engineering challenges from start to finish.


Put Field Experience First With Turnkey


Our history of designing and constructing industrial facilities gives us an advantage when it comes to cutting schedule time and reducing project costs. Thanks to our integrated approach and highly organized project management protocols, the construction process is not separated from engineering, architectural design or financial planning. This gives us the flexibility needed to reduce waste and increase worksite efficiency in ways only evident from years of real-world experience on the field.


Experience is the engine of efficient performance in the plant construction and relocation industry. Trust Turnkey to design a facility that draws on this experience and take advantage of superior engineering, greater productivity and more robust processes at every point along the asset lifecycle.