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Plant Concept Design and Drafting

Turnkey has been a regional leader in plant concept design and drafting for nearly three decades. As of the present day, our team leverages this experience towards designing industrial facilities for clients worldwide. Our architects and engineers use industry leading techniques and software to produce efficient, effective plans for industrial facilities of all kinds. Some of our previous customers include:

  • Manufacturing plants
  • Beverage facilities
  • Steel refineries
  • Resource extraction plants


In each case, we provide completely customized drafting and design services uniquely suited to the needs of the particular project.Thanks to our unique position as a whole-of-life engineering contractor, our design and drafting capabilities are designed for efficiency and ease of use down to the very end of the asset lifecycle. Having us work on your project from the very beginning allows our expert team to ensure successful results down the line.




Our staff consists of highly experienced draftspeople and engineers; a handpicked team of the best and brightest in the industry. Combining such a highly qualified team with access to Turnkey’s considerable resources produces an ideal situation for our clients—consistent, reliable solutions for getting projects off the ground and onto the worksite.


Turnkey is prepared to arrange all aspects of the structural design and function for industrial facilities. This includes proper erection procedures and the means, methods and techniques for beginning construction on a project safely and in compliance with all applicable regulations. In order to develop innovative design concepts that offer convenience and effectiveness to our clients, we also carry out extensive screening and feasability studies for new projects. This way, we arrive at the best and most efficient engineering solution possible.

These factors combine to make us uniquely positioned to offer value to industrial concerns in need of drafting and design services. Turnkey’s ability to solve tough engineering challenges with innovative solutions gives our clients the edge they need to outperform and outcompete in their industries.