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Full Lifecycle Management & Complete Scope Delivery

As a dedicated whole-of-life engineering services provider, we are equipped to develop projects from their very inception and see them through to completion. Rather than focusing exclusively on facility design or engineering maintenance, we offer comprehensive solutions that cover the entire industrial asset lifecycle. There are many benefits to our approach, some of which include:

  • Engineering Process Integration—By choosing Turnkey to handle the entire asset lifecycle, you benefit from guaranteed compatibility between project phases and rapid movement from design to performance at full operational capacity. While it is appropriate to view drafting, procurement, construction and maintenance as entirely separate disciplines, the service of a truly multi-disciplined engineering company like Turnkey can turn them into individual elements of a unified whole.
    Every step of the complete scope delivery process is an implementation of project goals achieved in the previous step: Design influences construction, construction influences operation, operation introduces challenges to support teams, and maintenance resolves support challenges to ensure optimal facility performance. Turnkey solutions offer comprehensive service at every point along of the asset lifecycle.
  • Anticipation of Lifecycle Challenges—One of the most challenging aspects of commissioning new facilities in any industry is anticipating the clients’ future needs. These needs may include the commissioning of new engineering projects or the upgrade of obsolete technologies to remain competitive. In both cases, the key to meeting these unforeseen challenges is designing and building solutions that are modular, extensible and compatible with cutting edge technological trends.Turnkey has experience commercializing new technologies and is well-aware of the environment in which our industrial clients operate. As a result, we are qualified to anticipate the needs our clients may have and integrate solutions into our engineering projects. This way, our client remains perpetually positioned to take advantage of changes in market behavior or the development of new technologies.
  • Ease of Communication —Turnkey’s world-class IT infrastructure gives us the platform we need to communicate effectively throughout every phase of the asset lifecycle. Whether draftspeople and designers need to share ideas or new executive-level directives need to be implemented, Turnkey’s flexible, agile communications network ensures that the right information gets to the right person in time, even if separated by vast distances, working on separate continents.
  • Fully Involved Commercial Model—We use a Gain Share/Pain Share commercial model that inspires client confidence in our ability to achieve lifecycle milestones on-time and on-budget. When Turnkey delivers a project below its approved project estimate, we share the gains evenly between ourselves as the project sponsor. If the cost of a project exceeds the approved budget plus a 10% contingency, we forfeit the right to claim for profits beyond that point. If costs continue to climb, we even forfeit the right to recuperate corporate overhead costs.

All of these factors combine to make Turnkey a highly attractive choice for industrial lifecycle management. Our integrated capabilities and unique commercial approach towards complete scope delivery serve to differentiate us from competing engineering service providers who maintain no real incentive to avoid cost blowouts or missed project deadlines.