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Quality Assurance

Guaranteeing top-quality results in the engineering sector requires careful management of Quality Assurance principles. From planning safe worksites to executing engineering feats based on new technologies, a robust and dependable means for achieving international standards of quality is an absolute necessity. Thankfully, Turnkey not only meets these standards but often exceeds them, guaranteeing satisfactory results for our clients, state agencies and international participants with each project we take on.


In order to meet these stringent requirements, we use a management system that is designed to comply with the following international standards:


  • Quality: ISO 9001:2008
  • Occupational Health & Safety: OHSAS 18001: AS4801
  • Environmental: ISO 14000

Turnkey Quality Management


Turnkey’s management system processes are embedded in our SharePoint management software as automated workflows with deliverables aimed at each active project in our system. By approaching ISO 9001 compliance in this manner, we are able to ensure the application of these standards throughout the entire lifecycle of a project even when engineering personnel collaborate between multiple locations.

Turnkey Safety


With a long and successful history of undertaking engineering projects and call-out services in New South Wales, we have developed a management system that adheres to New South Wales legislation, the Australian national occupational safety standard AS4801 and the global OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety standard simultaneously. By assuring compliance with each standard in parallel, we are able to affirm full compliance with every legislative requirement applicable in the areas we serve worlwide.


Environmental Management with Turnkey


While our management system is capable of meeting ISO 14000 environmental compliance standards, our clients and site partners typically provide us with their own environment management systems. In these cases, we develop environmentally sound strategies for meeting their needs, adhering to their standards faithfully and improving any processes we can within the scope of the project we’ve been contracted to engineer.