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Effective Teamwork

_RA_3208If there is one thing that truly defines a capable, competent workforce in the engineering services industry, it is Effective Teamwork. At Turnkey, we show our clients and competitors the advantages a unified workforce provides on a daily basis. The key to realizing these benefits is laying down the communications infrastructure necessary to promote efficient teamwork, generating a hierarchy of authority that optimizes worksite productivity and investing in systems that make the sharing of information a seamless task.

Virtual Project Teams

When Turnkey takes on a project, one of the first steps we take is collecting the necessary talent from among our workforce and generating a virtual project team for the work order. State-of-the-art communications software allows these teams to remain in touch and organized even when separated by vast distances—no member is ever left in the dark about the purpose of their task, the scope of their work and the “big picture” the project timeline represents.


Our technological advantage solves many of the problems that large-scale engineering companies face concerning communication, but decisive, capable management is still an absolute necessity. Our project management tools are designed to give us real-time feedback on the earned value of every step taken towards the completion of a project. This makes the establishment of a clear, project-specific, value- and merit-based hierarchy of authority simple, allowing our engineers and operators to focus on what they do best within the scope of the project outline.

Turnkey’s data infrastructure is the final piece of the puzzle. The automatic production of reliable, well-organized data on a daily basis is one of the fundamental building blocks of team efficiency in the 21st century. Thanks to deep, customized synchronization between project servers, virtual project teams and the management tools used to conduct their worksite activities, Turnkey is able to operate more efficiently and adapt to unforeseen conditions more flexibly than engineering businesses that rely on outdated traditional project management methods.