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Creditable Integrity

Turnkey is committed to its clients’ success, and demonstrates this commitment by adopting a principle we call Creditable Integrity. In today’s hypercompetitive engineering services field, it isn’t enough to tell clients that you’re an honest and straightforward service provider—you need to show it. This is what we do through every step of our client relationship, from the moment discussion begins to signing off the completion of a project.

Building an Honest Workplace Culture

_RA_3007The first step to adopting creditable integrity as a principle of customer relations is by demonstrating honesty within the workplace. Thanks to the ease of communication Turnkey enjoys between its various engineering and service divisions, made possible by world-class IT infrastructure, we are able to put honesty and transparency at the forefront of our workplace culture as a whole.

Honesty and transparency are displayed at every level of our business structure, from the entry-level technician to the very highest rungs of the corporate ladder. From here, we are positioned to observe and credit the integrity of our workforce, rewarding the individuals whose choices best reflect our clients’ needs and addressing potential conflicts before they are carried out.

What Does Creditable Integrity Look Like? 

A company that exhibits creditable integrity makes itself accountable for all of its actions, from daily routines to long-term corporate strategy. It does not shy away from responsibility and looks for opportunities to take on additional responsibilities in the interests of its clients. The result of this is seen every day at Turnkey—we treat every decision we make as if it were to appear on the front page of a national newspaper the very next day.

Clients who rely on us to work alongside state institutions and realize large-scale engineering feats across the globe expect no less than the utmost professionalism. Creditable integrity gives us the means to promote and display that approach in a unified, productive way.